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From Lead to Deal

Invoicing and Taxes


1.Help me understand, what is InstaTaskers?

InstaTaskers is a platform to connect a Client's requirement, budget and timeline with a Tasker's capabilities, price point and bandwidth.

2.So do I have to bid to get a project like other run-of-the-mill freelancing platforms?

No, there is no bidding. We will send you suitable leads without any upfront payment.

3.Then what is your model?

Unlike other lead-based platforms, InstaTaskers charges based on deals. You need to pay InstaTaskers when a lead converts to a deal.

4.How much is your fee and when do I have to pay you?

Our fee ranges from 5% to 15% of the deal value. We retain our charges from every payment and transfer the balance to you, with an invoice of course.

5.That sounds fair. In any case, we need to build around 20% to pay for in-house BD team or for business references. How will the invoicing and taxation work?

There are two transactions happening here:

The service that is provided by you to the Client. For this Task, you will invoice the Client including GST as applicable. The Client may deduct TDS on your PAN.

The reference service provided by InstaTaskers to you. InstaTaskers will invoice you and retain InstaTaskers Fee and taxes from the Task Fee received from the Client.

6.How much time do you take to transfer the payment after the Task is completed?

Our intention is to release the payment to you as soon as the Task or Phase, for which the payment is received, is completed. However, accounting for operational issues and bank processes, it may take around 5-7 business days.

7.What if the Client does not pay at the end of the Task?

Like we explained earlier, Clients need to make the payment at the start of the Task / Phase. So the flight risk at the end of the Task does not exist.

8.How many leads will I get every month?

We don’t know. Nice question though, maybe we should include astrology services as well.

9.I am not comfortable with working exclusively for InstaTaskers. Is that fine?

Did we ask for exclusivity? No. In this century, you are free to source business through any channel. In fact, do let us know your experience with InstaTaskers vs. other channels. You know our email ID - contact@instaTaskers.com.

10.How do I become a Tasker with InstaTaskers?

To become a Tasker, enter your details, work samples and price points in our system. Our curation team will go through the details. If successfully curated, you will receive an email from us. In case the curation is not successful, we do not send any communication.

11.What if there is an issue with the Client?

In case a Tasker or a Client has an issue and it is brought to us, we take the parties through the InstaTaskers Dispute Resolution Service.

12.Do you help with NDA / documentation / agreements with the Client?

You are free to enter into additional agreements with the Client but we do not provide any help for it. Also, we will not be a party to any additional agreements and the Terms of Use on our website will prevail over your mutual agreements.

13.What do I gain by registering as a Tasker?

You don't gain anything. Here is a list of things you lose:

-The overheads due to your internal dedicated BD team.

-The hassle of bidding and then wondering if the lead will ever materialize.

-The time spent in convincing the client of your credibility from scratch.

-The headache of following up for payment after you have spent your time and effort.

14.You guys have sorted it all!!

Tell us something we don't know.


1.How can I get leads from InstaTaskers?

To get leads from InstaTaskers, you need to be a curated registered Tasker with InstaTaskers. Visit InstaTaskers.com and follow the link to Become A Tasker. You will be asked to become a user, if not already one followed by profile creation. If you are already a user/buyer on Insta Taskers, just sign in with your existing credentials and follow the link to Become A Tasker.

2.What information do I have to provide in my Tasker profile?

The Tasker profile includes:

Personal information on like Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Location, PAN, GST (if any)

Select the services that you want to offer through InstaTaskers

For each service mention the starting price and portfolio. For the portfolio, you can upload a file or provide a web link. Ensure that for each service, your portfolio has 4-5 work samples of projects executed for third parties on a commercial basis.

3.You mentioned that curated Taskers get leads. What is curation?

All the application to get onboard go through a checking process. This is called curation. Only the Taskers who are successfully curated are sent leads from the system.

4.What is the purpose of curation?

Curation ensures that there are only professional profiles on InstaTaskers. This means that the Clients have to spend less time, if any, in due diligence of the Tasker. It also means that you spend less time in the sales process and more time in your core operations.

5.How can I ensure that my profile is successfully curated?

Here are a few simple rules for faster curation:

Make sure that your portfolio has 4-5 work samples of each service that you want to offer. You can collate the samples in a file and upload or provide a link to your web portfolio.

The work samples should have been executed for third parties on commercial terms. The work-link should not point to other freelancing platforms.

You can provide separate samples for each service or upload one consolidate profile for all the services or anything in between. In either case, please ensure that your profile is properly structured, making it easier for the curators to spot the work samples.

6.What if I miss some information by mistake?

We are generous people! In case we need some more detail, we will email you the specific information that you can include. And we are reasonable, so we can do this iteration a couple of times. If the profile is incomplete after a couple of iterations, it will not be curated. Do remember, scanty (profile with only one or two samples for a service, poor quality (like a content writer with grammatical/spelling issues in samples), misleading or fake profiles are outright rejected.

7.How will I know if I am curated?

On successful curation, you will receive an email communication. In case you have applied for multiple services, you may be curated for only a subset. The list of the services for which you are successfully curated will be given in the email.

8.So I will start seeing the leads on my dashboard immediately after I am curated?

We are a freelancing platform with a twist. We do not run a listing service but ensure intelligent matching. Whenever we have a lead for which you are one of the best matches, we will send it to you. The leads sent to you after curation will be visible on your dashboard. Please don’t expect to see a laundry list of Tasks on the dashboard.

From Lead to Deal

1.I have received a lead but it does not have enough information to understand the scope. The Client contact details are also not available. What should I do?

All the leads sent to you come with an option to “Ask A Question”. You can use this feature to get more information about the Task. Remember that the questions and answers are visible to all the Taskers who receive this lead.

Do not seek or reveal personal details, contact details, unique identifiers, quotation at this stage.

Read the previously posted questions and answers so that you don’t ask redundant questions. Ask specific questions, not general questions. Here are a few examples:

Specific questions General questions
Please share the list of the features that you want on the website. I need more information.
You have mentioned that you are looking for blogs for your apparel website. How many blogs do you expect per month and what is the expected number of words per blog? Do share the link to any blog that you like. How can we go about it?
For SEO optimization, will you provide the keywords or do you expect the writer to do keyword research and then use them? Let me know about the SEO optimization part.
Please share your preferred technology or framework for this tech product.

2.Got it. Now I have sufficient information about the Task. Next what?

You can now decide if you want to pursue the Task. You can back out till this stage without any consequences. If you want to move ahead, you can now send a proposal to the Client. The proposal should:

Capture inclusion and exclusion of the project scope.

Define quality parameters.

Have a quantified list of output.

Have clear timelines and pricing.

Count of iterations.


For small value (<= Rs. 10,000) or small duration (<= 7 days) Tasks, ask for 100% advance. For large Tasks, you may divide the Task into Phases, each Phase being a group of deliverables and having a fixed value.

Once you send the Proposal, you can contact the Client and discuss further.

If the Client accepts the proposal, they transfer the payment for Phase/Task to InstaTaskers at the start of each Phase/Task. Once the payment is credited to our account, we will intimate you to commence the Phase/Task.

Do not commence a Phase/Task till the receipt of the payment for that Phase/Task is confirmed.

At the end of a Phase/Task, inform us. We will ask for Client confirmation and release your dues.

3.I can send a random proposal and get the contact details of the Client.

We have our eyes on the entire system. Did we tell you that we also have an option to blacklist service providers? And that we have an SEO optimized page listing the service providers engaging in malpractices. To cut the long story short, don’t kill the golden goose.

Invoicing and Taxes

1.How will the invoicing work?

There are two transactions here:

aThe service that is provided by you to the Client. For this Task, you will invoice the Client including GST as applicable. The Client may deduct TDS on your PAN.

bThe reference service provided by InstaTaskers to you. InstaTaskers will invoice you and retain InstaTaskers Fee and taxes from the Task Fee received from the Client.

2.Who bears the taxes?

For transactions within India, currently, only GST is applicable. Here is a table summarising the various permutations and combinations:

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
At the start
1 Task Value 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
2 Is Tasker GST RD? Yes Yes Yes No No No
3 Invoice Value 1180 1180 1180 1180 1000 1000 1000
4 Client TDS Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
5 TDS Rate 10% 2% 0% 10% 2% 0%
6 TDS Amount (1)*(5) 100 20 0 100 20 0
7 Credit to InstaTaskers (3)-(6) 1080 1160 1180 900 980 1000
On completion
8 InstaTaskers Fee 15%*(1) 150 150 150 150 150 150
9 GST 18%*(8) 27 27 27 27 27 27
10 Cash credit to tasker (7)-(8)-(9) 903 983 1003 723 803 823
11 TDS Credit to Tasker (6) 100 20 0 100 20 0

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