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1.Help me understand, what is InstaTaskers?

InstaTaskers is a platform to connect Clients’ requirement, budget and timeline with Taskers’ capabilities, price point and bandwidth.

2.So you guys will outsource my Task to your employees?

No, we do not outsource your Task. Taskers are freelancers who have signed up for the InstaTaskers platform which helps them connect with and coordinate Clients. InstaTaskers is a platform for payment and coordination between a Client and Tasker. We do not have any individual contracts for Tasks.

3.Then what is the connection between you and the Tasker?

The Taskers are individuals, teams or agencies that provide the various services that you need. They are not our employees or contractors but are independent third parties who sign up on our website

4.If you are not taking responsibility of my Task, what value are you adding?

Good question. So we add value in three main ways:

You do not have to go through zillions of profiles to find the best one suited for you! We will find the One for you.

We do not broadcast your requirement to the entire world, so you do not get swamped by emails and phone calls. We keep your requirement in mind and connect you to Taskers who are most relevant. In our world, quality prevails over quantity.

In freelancing, there is a trust deficit between the Tasker and the Client. Taskers generally expect an advance before they put in any effort. On the other hand, Clients are apprehensive to make an advance payment before they are sure of the output. This is where we come in and bridge the gap: You make the payment to us at the start and we will transfer it to the Tasker at the end. So you know that your payment is safe and the Tasker is assured that the payment is going to come through at the end.

5.It's clearer to me now. So whom do I pay and what?

You agree on the scope, pricing, quality parameters and timeline with the Tasker. You could also mutually agree to divide the Task into Phases and decide the value of each Phase. At the start of the Task/Phase, you transfer the payment to InstaTaskers. The payment will be released to the Tasker at the completion of the Task.

6.And what about GST and TDS?

The services are being provided by the Tasker to you. The invoices will also be raised by the Tasker (with Tasker’s PAN and GST Registration Number) and will be addressed to you. The Tasker may charge a GST. In case you want to deduct TDS, please agree with the Tasker and you can allocate the TDS to the Tasker’s PAN.

7.It is not adding up. Payment is to InstaTaskers but TDS will be deducted for Taskers!?

The invoice is from the respective Tasker to the Client. The Tasker is the service provider to the Client. TDS needs to be deducted of the service provider in this case i.e. Taskers. InstaTaskers is the payment partner for all its Taskers who have agreed to have the payment routed to them through InstaTaskers.

8.That is incredible, how do I go about posting my Task? And will you charge me for posting Task?

Good news! Posting a Task on InstaTaskers is completely free. Just answer a few question and give us your contact details here and - Voila! - you Task is posted.

9.What if the Tasker does not complete the Task?

If the Tasker does not complete the Task and does not dispute the non-completion, your payment is safe with us. We will refund the payment that is in our safe deposit.

10.Do you assure me the quality of output?

We try to curate the Taskers and try to find the best match for you. However we cannot guarantee the quality of output as the details of the scope and pricing are discussed between you and the Tasker. We do recommend that you discuss the quality parameters in the scope document. In case the Tasker is not able to satisfy the scope, you have a case in your favour. At the end, remember the adage “Buyer Beware”.

11.Do you help with NDA / documentation / agreements with the Tasker?

You are free to enter into additional agreements with the Tasker but we do not provide any help for it. Also, we will not be a party to any additional agreements and the Terms of Use on our website will prevail over your mutual agreements.

12.In case I have an issue with the Tasker, how will it proceed from there?

We believe that issues are best sorted between you and the Tasker. In case things go out of hand, you can use InstaTaskers Dispute Resolution Service.

13.Your model is awesome!

Tell us something we don't know.


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